Monday, September 10, 2007

My Talkings

Isn't it funny that its so hard to make conversation with someone who you have never met and know nothing about but when it comes to old friends or the girl who I know everything about we can talk for hours. I don't think you ever know absolutely everything about a person and that amazes me. Ever day the girl and I talk for hours and I hear something new every day. The world is one crazy place.

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Ancient Clown said...

Blessings Brother:

I think it's even funnier when you can sit in silence for hours where instinctively you can read each other and still communicate without words.
I once met a stranger while making a tree out of wire and I was able to teach him how to make a tree and sold him one for an agreeable amount, all without once speaking, and it was only after he left that I realized that.
Yep, that just proves you can listen without even hearing, very strange world indeed.
your humble servant,
ancient clown