Thursday, September 06, 2007

My Anoyance

Today I had two jobs to do. In the morning I had to pour a bathroom floor and then in the afternoon I had to get another job ready to be poured tomorrow. At the first job another guy was there to help me and I can safely say he was the most annoying person I have ever met. The guy was in his forties and for the whole time I was there spoke like Borat. It was terrible. I heard him say ever quote imaginable and ever two minutes he would come out with, "Is Nice", or "we have sexy time". It was so bad.

I cant believe anyone that age could be so childish and so annoying. He had no clue about anything to do with building so that made me chuckle too. Oh well, another day, another dollar and another hindrance.

I got a hair cut tonight as well. Its not too short and I have to say I look better than I did before. Good on me... byes.

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Jacob said...

Oh lordy, I hate people who quote from television/movies when they really shouldn't.

Borat is so 2006, by the way. You should have snapped him across the ear and told him to shut the fuck up.