Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Fight Night

Work last week was quite boring towards the end. The job we are on at the moment involves us demolishing part of a house and removing everything outside to clear the block. Its been a slow process so far because of the whether and its starting to get tedious.

I couldn't wait for the weekend to come because I had a few things planned. Friday night I planned for everyone to go to the Highway Bar. I had never been there before and I had heard it was really nice after they had done it up so I thought it would be a great place to chill out and have a few beers. We watched the footy and laughed about everything. One of the highlights of the night was hearing Cat point out that an old ladies G-string was showing. The funny part was that she called it a G Banger and I had never heard her say something like that before. Made me chuckle.

Saturday I had planned to do some work at one of our yards but couldn't be bothered and just washed and cleaned my car. It was absolutely filthy and looked awesome after I had cleaned it. The girl washed her car too and after we were done we headed down the bay to do some shopping before heading to her house to get ready for the night.

We got ready at the girls house and waited for the taxi to take us to the Edinburgh Hotel for Ben's 21st. I put my new jeans on that I had bought earlier and decided that I looked damn good. The taxi showed up and we got in and headed off. Its was an interesting drive because even though it was raining quite heavily the taxi driver drove most of the way with his windscreen wipers turned off. I couldn't see anything out of the windscreen so I don't really know how we got there without crashing but we did.

We walked into the Edinburgh and everyone was there, we drank beer and chatted about everything. It was a showdown weekend with the Crows playing Port Adelaide. We were all watching the game quite intently but luckily the Crows won in the end. We drank some more and then decided to head into town for a few more beers. Thats where the night got interesting.

Ben had organized a mini bus to take us into town when the Ed closed so we all headed out the front and as soon as a mini bus arrived we all jumped in. Another group of people came up and started saying it was there bus. In the end it was there mini bus so we started to get off. One of the other guys thought it was his duty to make a scene and started abusing us and saying that they had won the bus and we were all losers. It was annoying but none of us really took any notice of him, until he said something to the girl. It was nothing major and at least he didn't swear at her but it annoyed me so I turned around and had a go at him. I wasn't looking to start a fight but I just said to him to get on the bus and not to say rude comments to my girlfriend. While I was chatting to him he turned and said something quite rude to another mate of mines girlfriend. Thats where it started.

Steve, the girls boyfriend through the first punch and hit the guy a few times and it just escalated from there. I threw a few punches and but got hit in the face and in the back of the head but it wasn't anything too bad. The other group realized they had picked the wrong people to deal with and got on the bus and left. After our little dust up we too got in taxi's and headed into town.

We got into town and had a drink at the Bar on Gouger but the girl had to work today and I was pretty stuffed so we headed off and were home by about 2am. Today the girl left for work and I continued to sleep till 12. The day was pretty lazy and we just chilled out at hers before coming to mine. This week is busy already so it should be fun. Bye now.

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cat bitch said...

G BANGER!!!!! yeah, you wear em, i know it.