Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Band Week, Day Two

Alright so todays band is something different. They are a local Adelaide band called Poetikool Justice. They have a funky ska sound and are recording a new album at the moment. I have seen them play live a few times at different venues and they always get the crowd fired up and dancing around. They combine horns with punk music as well as hip hop style lyrics to come up with an awesome sound.

Its been a while since I have seen them play but with their cd coming out soon I'm sure they will be playing even more gigs than they normally do. If you get the chance definitely go see them play live because its an experience.

I read an article today about how scientists think that in 50 years the redhead gene may die out. There are approximately 2% of the population who are ginger nuts and that number is dropping fast. I think this is quite funny because someone has actually studied this. I the world needs red nuts so lets try and bread them, lol.

Bye now.

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