Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Nail Of A Time

Work this week has been pretty boring. I have been working by myself a lot so its pretty uneventful. The most annoying highlight would have to be where I was loading a heap of timber and rubbish into the back of out truck when I stepped on a nail that went through my boot and through the webbing of my second and third toes. After a lot of swearing and yelling I got back to work and finished loading the rubbish into the truck. I had to get into the back of the truck to push some stray pieces of timber back in and while I was walking around in the back I stood on the same nail. This time it went through the webbing of my third and forth toes. I was not very happy.

The week was pretty quiet, I hit the bay with Tilney and Had Mexican and ice cream like usual. I managed to honk my horn and scare the crap out of her so that was pretty funny. The next night Cat and I hit the Bay for Mexican and I got some weird looks at Montezuma's because I was there two nights in a row with different people. It was damn good Mexican both nights though.

I had planned to go out Friday night but got home and watched some TV before falling asleep on the couch and waking up at about 8:30. After I made tea I decided it was just about bed time so I watched the footy and crashed.

Last night no one really had plans so I thought we could chill at mine and have a few beers and watch the footy but we ended up doing that up at Sam's house. It was a very relaxing night and it was good because I didn't spend any money. After the snow and everything else I really need to save my money for the next few months so if I go on a spending spree again tell me to become a hermit or something.

Bye now


tils said...

ummm are you cheating on me phil?
the ppl at montezumas dont lie.

Spud said...

haha, they probably think im the biggest player in Adelaide.