Monday, August 20, 2007

My Band Week

Alright well I'm keen on a heap of different bands at the moment so this week is going to be my band week. Its mainly going to be people I know but there will be some other random bands in there too.

Todays band is a mate of mine, Harry's, new band. They are called Sidewalks and they have just recorded a few songs that are up on myspace at the moment. They are planning to start gigging soon and if Harry's prior form is anything to go by they will be incredible live. They are cranking an Indie sound and have two great songs already.

I went to school with Harry who is the drummer for the Sidewalks. He was two years below me and I even got the chance to play a gig with him back in the day. He was playing guitar in his old band and I was playing bass in my old band. I can see this band going pretty far because they have an awesome sound. The word will be spread when they start gigging.

Get onto these guys and have a listen and let me know what you think. Sidewalks

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