Friday, August 24, 2007

My Friday Band

I am so glad the working week is over. The weather has been beautiful all week and work has been good but I'm so glad its the weekend. Work today dragged. We poured a small concrete slab but forgot half of our finishing tools so I finished a bit and then sat around while dad finished the rest. It wasn't very exciting.

Today band is Raw Ether. They played with The Lost Show last weekend and I have been cranking them since. As I said before they remind me of the Queens of the Stone Age but a bit more ballsy. They have a really good style and are playing a few gigs in the next month or so.

This weekend I have a few different things going on. I have a 21st Saturday night which will be good because its a different crowd. I have finally organized my 21st but still need to send invites out so that another job for the weekend. Anyway gotta go to a welcome back party. Should be good. Bye now.

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Nyemoni said...

Hey Dude! Thanks for stopping by my space! Nice blog you've got! take care and enjoy your weekend!