Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Gig Nights

This week has been a good week for gigs. Tuesday night the girl and I headed out to see my friend Cholas and his band Ibis play in a battle of the bands competition that was held at my old uni. It was the first time we had heard them live and they were very good. The other bands in the comp were odd. There were a few guys who studied different instruments that came out and jammed. It was a very odd combination of music and at one stage there was just two bass players and a drummer. It was a good night though.

Last night I invited Hoggot, Layno and the lovely Tilney to join the girl and I for tea before we headed out for the night. We made a lot of pasta and then headed down to the Seacliff to see a friend of ours from school. She is moving up to Ceduna to live and work with her boyfriend so it was a bit of a farewell. It was good to see her because I haven't seen her a lot since I left school.

After we said our goodbyes we drove into town to see the boys from The Lost Show play at Enigma. They sounded incredible. It was the best show they have ever played and it was good to see a pretty decent crowd there as well. They played with three other bands but the highlight of the three were a band called Raw Ether. The Lost Show boys always put on an intense show but because Enigma bar is a smaller sort of venue it made it so much more intimate. The show went off and I was very happy we went. Everyone got into it.

It was a really good night because it was chilled out and I was out with all of my mates. I used to head to gigs just about every weekend and last night made me remember how much fun it was. I cant wait for the next Lost Show gig and hopefully I will see you there. Bye now.

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