Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Spaz

My girlfriend is a loser. Cute but a loser. I just made her lick the left over sour stuff from a packet of sour skittles and it was hilarious. It was a very funny sight.

This week work has been a lot of the usual but its still been good. Yesterday I didn't do a lot but still accomplished a few things so thats all I can ask for. I headed out to tea with Cat last night and for the first time in a while we kind of did something different. We got Mexican, which is the usual but last night we got it from a different place. After tea we hit the Pancake Kitchen and felt incredibly full after. We laughed a lot at a girl who we both thought was oddly shaped. We later learnt she was pregnant. After tea we went to check out her new house that she is moving into in a week. After our excursion I dropped her off and went to chill out with the girl. We just had a good chat and then fell asleep. I was extra tired because I had eaten so much.

Today was a lot like yesterday but still good. We had a easy job in the afternoon which involved me rolling and compacting a block on the other side of town. It only took me about an hour so it was easy money.

Bye bye.

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your girl said...

well... at least im cute.