Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Wet and Windy Week

It's been a good week so far. Its been quite cold and windy but everything else has been good. I caught up with Tilney which was really good because we haven't hung out for a long time. We got coffee's and talked for about 2 hours. I also caught up with Cat last night. Cat, her friend Daina and I cooked pasta which was great and then we made Snickers milkshakes which were sooo good. All in all its been a good week. I'm going to be flat out this weekend as well so that should be fantastic too.

On an awesome note, I read an article about how and Australian man and a New Zealand man were selling lamb's that they had shaved to look like poodles for $1800 in Japan. The people had no idea that they weren't poodles and the two made a heap of money before they got caught. I thought it was hilarious because who would think to do that. Good on them.

Bye now

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