Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Gig

Friday night I saw Alexisonfire play at HQ. Its the third time I have seen them live and once again they were incredible. The two support bands were ok but nothing special but Alexisonfire were just incredible. They are such an intense live band. The highlight of the night was when the lead singer jumped off the second story of HQ into the crowd. It was such a good gig and that topped it off. After a two song encore I was absolutely rooted from being in the mosh for an hour and a half. The only gig I have been to that was more intense was the first show Alexis played here back in 2004. That first time they came to Adelaide I managed to meet them through a friend of a friend. That friend (Chad) got a few shout outs throughout the night which made everyone jealous.

After the gig even though we were all just about stuffed, we went out to the Belgium Beer Garden for a few drinks for Emma's birthday. It was a small crowd by the time we got there but it was good to see little Emma. Emma started school with me so I have known her since I can remember.

Last night we started at Tilney's house. She cooked the girl and I tea before we went out into town. The highlight of the night was the fact that Tilney forgot about the garlic bread we had put under the grill. When I opened the grill there were flames about a foot high coming off the bread. We did end up having garlic bread.

From Tilney's we headed to the Havi via Rhys and found out you can buy a bucket of five Hahn Super Dry's for $20 which was awesome. After a few of those we decided to go to some place called Electric. We got there to find a huge line. We waited for a little bit and just about froze. The night got worse after that. The girl and I had a fight about nothing and then decided to head home. It was a pretty average night in the end even though it started well.

Today started slow. The girl and I didn't get up till 1...ish and really haven't done much. Its just going to be a chill out day and we are just watching the footy. I'm stoaked because the F1's are on tonight so that should be good to watch too.

Bye now


tils said...

oh wot ever, flames weren't a foot high! u exaggerate! hahaha

people it was like 5cms flames. and phil was supposed to be watching the bread. idiot! hahahaha

Spud said...

Hahaha no way man. They were six feet high, and it was definitely your job to watch the bread. hehe

rhys said...

yay i got a mention!
and that sucks. ah well. and dangit! i wanted hamilton to win, but nooooooooo. how awesome is he doing for a rookie?

Spud said...

I forgot to watch it in the end cause i fell asleep. I heard it was a good race too. Bugger.

Tom said...

Monaco is always a great race to watch and this year it was no exception... but yeah I would've liked to see Hamilton win

tom said...

and oh yeah... alexis! how totally incredible. I mean, how can a band continually get better with every gig? It just shouldn't be possible, but they pull it off!

catty kat said...

you pull it off, tom. hehe