Monday, May 21, 2007

My Snotty Day

I worked all day in mud. In fact it was more like snot. It was horrible. It was cold, wet and I was freezing. Its days like today that I wish I had a desk job.

The weekend was hectic. I was rooted Friday night so didn't leave the house. Saturday night we headed out into town and it was a really good night. I met up with a lot of people I don't normally go out with and ended up at a place called Marble Bar which isn't really my scene but I had fun anyway.

Yesterday, even though I hadn't drunk all that much the night before, I felt terrible. I felt bad when I got up and then it just got worse. I had to go and see The Lost Show play at HQ so that made me perk up a bit and after that I slowly got better. We had tea at the Kentish and after an awesome parmy I felt fine and it was time for bed again, lol.



rhys said...

wow! the blogs really got some legs and gathered some pace behind it with quite a following. i didnt know what i was missing out on. and its ok, if u didnt like marble you will LOVE electric :D
one thing i have noticed though.... do u think u eat too many parmies? lol

Elaine said...

I like your blogging style :) and I wish I had your stanima .