Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Winter

Its been raining. It started raining on Thursday and it hasn't stopped. It's almost weird seeing rain like this because it hasn't rain continuously here for years.

Apart from the rain... I bought a new computer and got a free upgrade for a gigantic screen. Its pretty damn awesome really. It barely fits on my desk but its still awesome.

This weekend the girl and I went away down to the farm for our one year anniversary. I still cant believe we have been together for a year. I kind of find it weird that someone can put up with me for that long. It was good though. We went out for tea and then just relaxed down at the farm. One year is a long time. I cant believe its been this long. Its been good though.



Chia Mimi said...

Here it's hot since a coupe of weeks. I think weather is changing and I do not think that's good.

Greetings from The Netherlands!

the other girl said...

happy one year.. love love