Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Day of Digging

Last night I headed to Chalkers for the first time in a long time. We got the usual table and played a few games. The highlight of my night, believe it or not was sitting in Nicole's car before hand drinking cheap wine. I wasn't out to get drunk, although Nicole and Ashley were, I just had a laugh. It was a good catch up with everyone.

I was stuffed by about 10:30 because I had an incredibly early morning Friday. We are cutting a block up at Sterling and decided to hire a 12 tonne excavator. In the end we finished it all in one day where as with our backhoe it would have taken a couple of days so that was good because I didn't really want to be up there anyway. I sat on the machine for twelve hours on Friday and by the end of it I was very sick of digging. It was definitely a long working day Friday but it was good to get that much work done in one day. We ended up moving about 1000 tonne of soil so it was a lot.

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