Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Soccer Night

So I got a phone call last night from my mate Beechy. He told me he had scored 8 free tickets to go see Adelaide United soccer team play. He asked me to come and of coarse I said yes because even though I don't really like soccer, its free.

So we rallied at the kentish and had a quick Parmy which was awesome and then headed to the stadium. We got there 5 minutes late and managed to miss the first goal! We hoped it wasn't the only goal for the match and were rewarded before half time with another. At half time we decided to get a couple of coffees and managed to miss the third goal of the game. We couldn't believe it, we had managed to miss 2 of the 3 goals. It was a really good night in the end and I will be keen next next time we get free tickets, haha.

After the game Hoggot and I headed down to the Jetty bar and then to the Dublin with a few friends for one of their last day at work parties. It was a bit boring so I didnt stay long. Im a good friend though.

Bye now

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