Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Moments

This morning made me realize something. Seeing the reflection of the sun rising over the hills took my breath away and made me glad I was there at that point in time. Its weird how you forget that the simple things can make you the happiest. I came home last night and the girl was sick. She didn't want me to catch it so she said I couldn't kiss her. I soon found another way to get the same closeness. The simple touch of our two noses meeting sent the same tingle down my spin that I get when our lips lock. It made the moment special because it was something different but it was still beautiful. Moments like that make me the happy person I am. Whether it be a sunrise, a nose kiss or the long comforting hug I shared with my best friend last night. Its all good.

Have fun.

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mexican babe said...

was that hug me?