Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Band Days

When I was in school and for a while after I played in a band called Borderline. We played a few gigs and had some pretty good songs but it was really more about chilling out and playing music than trying to get massive. We were together for a few years and when we finally broke up it was a major event in all of our lives because we all felt like we had lost something.

In the early years we would jam every Saturday before going out that night. The band and I were such close friends and we almost did everything together. Sam, Susi, Steve and I just about lived together. We had a ritual where every time we jammed we would start the jam by playing System Of A Down songs to get us pumped up. We did this for years and it was always one of the funnest parts of any jam.

This week I have been listening to System Of A Downs Toxicity cd and it has brought back so many good memories. It has made me think though and I have realized that I miss being in Borderline because of how much fun we had and how close we all were back then. Its sad but we arn't as close now and I miss that the most.

Also on this day, the great Martin Luther King Jr. was assasinated so we should all take that in and bless him for the way of life we now have.

Bye now, Have fun.


captain tonsil said...

you're amazing you know that??

Spud said...

Why am I amazing now?

Blithe said...

Well said.