Monday, April 23, 2007

My Thinkings

I woke up this morning feeling really seedy after drinking too much last night at Susi's. I got home and chatted with the girl for about and hour and then fell asleep. I didn't fall asleep early enough though because from 6:30, when I got up till about 11.00 i felt shocking. It was a pretty easy day though so that helped.

Today we sprayed the walls to finish the pit we have been working on for the last week or so. The spray blokes came did their job and everything went well, unlike the last pour. I had never seen the way they spray concrete and it was really interesting to watch. The concrete is pumped through a hose just like a normal concrete pump but then is fed through a nozzle where high pressure air is pumped in which vaporises the concrete. crazy.

So while I was enjoying my lean beef burger at McDonald's I read some very interesting articles in today's paper. The first was quite humorous. It turns out that on the weekend a drunken yobbo managed to steal a taxi, drive 300 meters down the road, pick up a passenger, drive another 300 meters and then crash into a parked car. I thought this was gold because not only was he so drunk that he crashed but he had the idea that hey I could make some money out of this.

The second story that I found very interesting was about Cambodia and the countries history. In the 70's and 80's there was wide spread genocide throughout Cambodia. It was estimated that somewhere between 1.7 and 3 million people where murdered by the government. It was discovered not long ago that most people in Cambodia don't actually know about their own countries genocide. The people were so oppressed during and after the killings that it is almost a forgotten memory. Today marked the realise of a book written about the whole history of Cambodia's oppressive regime of the 60's to the end of the 80's. It has been published as a book for all Cambodians and they are hoping it will educate people enough to stop anything like it from happening again.

Another interesting thing I saw on TV was a show about two men who, after having strokes, became incredible artists where they talentless before. It went into depth about how when one side of the brain is turned off the other side takes over. The men had strokes in a certain part of their brains that turned on their creative skills. It then went on to compare the stroke victims to autistic children who have outstanding artistic skill. The only difference is in autistic children their artistic skill is in recollection of details which gives them the skill to draw very accurate art work. The difference in the stroke victims was that their art work was very abstract and bizarre. Doctors can not work out how, for two different reasons, people can become obsessively creative in ways that are complete opposites. I thought this was incredibly interesting because it show us we really know very little about the human body.

Happy pondering. Bye now.


Ancient Clown said...

Blessings Spud:

Those were some very interesting articles indeed, especially the Cambodian Genocide and NEWS oppression.
Here in Canada, they also "Make the NEWS" instead of "Report the TRUTH". In FACT, you could say Canadians (and the world at large) are currently suffering from the same effects as the Cambodians in regards to the Genocide of Canada's Indigenous Peoples, with the added 'POOR' from the rest of the world.
I mean, if you take into account the 85% incarceration rate for first time native offenders as opposed to a 9% incarceration rate for ALL other races combined.
I mean, if you take into account the numerous Native Reservations that have tainted or poisoned water supplies.
The ByLaws that target Native lifestyles making them RACIST in nature, but unobserved by the general public.
Yes, this post of yours brought a great many things to mind for me as well.
your humble servant,
ancient clown

Professor Howdy said...

Looks like hard work to me...

lost voice said...

hehehe how funny is that taxi story lmao