Monday, April 16, 2007

My Crazy Day

You wouldn't believe what happened today... But more of that later.

Everything has been crazy. Last week i worked at so many different jobs. I had to rock break a pit out with our little excavator and then wasn't supposed to be working on the weekend but ended up working Saturday and Sunday. We got a job to put a pit in and we managed to dig it all in the weekend. The hole is 14 meters by 4.4 meters and 1.8 meters deep. We dug out about 250 tonne of dirt so it was a lot of work.

Today started as a very mundane and boring day and ended with a bit of panic and despair. We had just popped round to a store near our yard pick up a part that had broken on one of our trailers when all of a sudden we heard a loud explosion. By the time we had run out of the shop and onto the road there was a thick cloud of black smoke heading our way. We were standing out the front of the fire station on South road and when people started coming out of the smoke we thought we should let the fire fighters know so we ran into the station but couldn't find anyone. After a fair bit of shouting someone actually came out to meet us and when told there was a fire they sounded almost confused. I think we might have caught them napping but after a minute they got there shit together and were on the scene. It turned out that the fire was in a paint importers warehouse and the paint was what caused such thick black smoke. Luckily no one was killed because it was only seconds until the whole warehouse was engulfed in flames.

The fire was so intense that the fire fighters couldn't get close enough to put the flames out and had to wait for two ladder trucks to come and douse the fire. In the end about 13 fire trucks were on the scene which was a bit of an overkill, but still good to watch.

In the end the fire was definitely the highlight in what was quite a boring day. We did a lot of running around picking up things so at least there was some excitment.

On movie news, I did go and see 300 last night and I have to say it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It was incredible. The way it was written and the special effects made it absolutely intense to watch. I was immensely violent but not distasteful so if you get a chance to go see it I would strongely recommend it.

Well thats it so far. Have fun. Bye now.


fairy princess jelly bean lips said...

i always knew YOU were immensely violent and distasteful.

Ancient Clown said...

Blessings brother:)

Your story reminds me of when I was a kid and the garage burned down in our little town. (If a place only has about a hundred individual people, can you still call it a town?).
I was the first one there and the black smoke was billowing into a huge black cloud. It was so hot it melted the outdoor thermometor on the house across the street.
That was the end of our gas station.
As for your movie news, I still haven't seen "300"...but I will. Another friend also saw it and he loved it as well.
Have a great day.
your humble servant,
ancient clown