Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Fast Pace

Well this last week and a half have been flat out for me. Work has been full on and so has everything else. I had two days off this weekend where i should have relaxed but I didn't.

Last week we started a job at a company called Orrcon. They make steel tubing and we were employed to rip out one of the tube mills. We finished today and ended up scrapping 110 tonnes of steel. It was a big job. The best thing about my work is every job is sooo different. I went from finishing concrete one day to oxy cutting apart a 12 tonne bit of junk.

Another upside from work last week was that i got my licences for a heap of different machinery. I already knew how to drive it all but you need site tickets when you enter sites like Orrcon.

The weekend started Friday with tea with the family and friends of our. I was so hungry I ate an 11inch pizza and a 600 gram steak. I thought i was going to die after and then felt good, then very sleepy, lol. Saturday the girl and I picked up our new mattress for her house. Its a bit of a step for us and it means a lot for the both of us. We hired a trailer and took it to her house and I nearly burnt out her clutch backing it into her driveway because its on a hill and I haven't driven a manual for about 3 years. I thought I did great.

Saturday night started with tea and Indochine and then drinks at the Dublin. We drank a lot of Guinness and a few Jager bombs and it was a good night.

Last night I went a saw Guttermouth and Reel Big Fish Play at Fowlers live. It was such a good gig because they are very different bands. The funniest quote from Guttermouth was "You should thank us because if we weren't here this just might have been the best gig you ever see". Hilarious. Another quirky thing was that after every song the guitarist from Reel Big Fish you say "thank you sir, thank you madam, thank you sir, tank you madam" until they started the next song. Hilarious.

This week is Easter so i have some time off which I am going to love. Big plans already.

Well I'm off now to play squash with Hoggot and friends so that should be good. Bye now.

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