Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Photoless Blog

I realised that I haven't been posting many photos as of late so I thought I would take a couple of what I did today. First off I poured a small concrete pad for an air conditioner and then loaded some waste fibreglass into the truck and dumped it. It wasn't a very exciting day but I got paid so its ok. I will try and take some photos tomorrow of non work related things. Probably of cars but hey what do you expect.

Bye now.


Regina F said...

As long as they're good cars, I'm not complaining :P

Also, you're now linked on my blog if that's ok :)

Mouse said...

Sure, Spud. I'll link to you when I get back home after my short hols. Am on a borrowed machine at the moment and not much time.
Bye for now.