Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Hurting Hand

I got hurt at work this week. It sucked. We were lifting mesh into the pit we had dug and one sheet swung around and when I went to steady it, it sliced the palm of my hand open. It wasn't that bad but it bled a lot.

Apart from that it was a very hectic week. Wednesday night I went out with Hoggot and Sam and met up with an old school friend. We ended up having a few drinks and it was a really good night. I was buggered Thursday because of the shenanigans from the night before but still managed to organise a Mexican night at Montezuma's and then we all headed down to the Dublin for Susi's birthday. That ended as a late night as well so i was buggered Friday because of the shenanigans from the night before.

Friday started badly but then finished ok. It started early and I was just a slight bit hung over so that made the morning a challenge. Friday was the day that we were pouring the floor to the pit we had dug last weekend. We were all waiting for the concrete pump to be set up when the first concrete truck pulled up. He backed up to the pump and was waiting in his truck. He decided to come in and have a look at the hole but before walking inside the building he started his truck on mix to give the concrete a bit more of a mix. We were all standing around talking when all of a sudden we heard someone shout "there is concrete going everywhere". We all ran out and to our surprise there was concrete coming out of the truck into the concrete pump and overflowing into the car park. It turned out that the concrete trucks controls had been a bit dodgy lately and instead of mix it had turned to discharge and so about 5 tonne of concrete was now, ever where. We were not very happy.

After about and hour and a half of cleaning up we ordered the next truck and all was go. The rest of the day went pretty well so that was a relief.

Friday night I had plans to do nothing but it turned out that it was one of my school friends birthdays so we headed out to the Seacliff hotel fo a drink. It didnt last long because I was stuffed from work, Hoggot was stuffed from work and Tilney was stuffed from work. We chilled out for about 20 minutes and then headed home.

In a spur of the moment desicion the girl and I decided to head down to our farm Saturday afternoon and so we did. It was good to just relax and do nothing. The crows won and Holdens won the race in New Zealand so it was a good weekend.

Tonight I am heading up to Susi's fro drinks for her birthday so im sure I will be tired on monday again, lol. Byes

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