Monday, March 26, 2007

My Burn Burn

I burnt my hand. It all started when the girl and I decided to head out to get a cheese dip from Montezumas. We picked up our dip and then got Subway on the way home. When we got home the cheese dip was cold so I zapped it in the microwave. When i took it out i slipped and dropped it but before it hit the ground I caught it again. The problem was, when I caught it, it went everywhere. It went all over my hands and clothes. It was really hot and by the time I got to the tap to wash it off it had blistered down one arm and on my right thumb. Bugger.

Not very smart. Hot cheese equals burnt hand and arm. Pouring concrete today using hands equals annoyance at everything. Not very happy.


other show ride i cant think of right now said...

your a ferris wheel.

Michele said...

Amazing you can type! :) Pour cold water over the burn for about 5 minutes otherwise the skin keeps cooking underneath and the burn gets worse... hope u feel better soon!