Tuesday, January 02, 2007

My Eve

Before new years eve next year I'm buying a Polaroid camera.

It was a great new years eve too, thanks for asking. I felt a closeness with an old friend who's friendship I nearly lost. I shared a few beautiful moments with my girl. I shared a few moments with a friend I hadn't seen for five months. I laughed like a girl a few times. I drank a few gin and tonics, a few beers but for a change was pretty sober at the end of the night. I spent a night with friends and that's all I could have asked for.

My night was spent at a friend of mines, cousins house. The party consisted of about 50 people and some ridiculously delicious food. We walked down to the beach at the stroke of midnight to view the fire works and in the end it was a great night.

I hope everyone had a great night and if you drop by let me know what you got up to?



helen said...

happy new year...yours sounds like fun...mine was slightly less good! I went to edinburgh with a heap of people to hogmanay (a huge scottish street party with bands playing) but cos of terrential rains and 70mph winds it got cancelled (the stage blew away and stuff)...so was stuck up there with not a lot to do....instead we just went to a load of clubs wearing wellies...but i could hardly drink cos i was quite hungover from the night before...what a tool!

roffe said...

Happy new year to you too!
Your blog is nice too!
Enjoy the summer!

chanter said...

Happy New Year!(",) Glad to read that you enjoyed your New Year! And you got a precious gift too, spending a time with an almost lost friend. Our family juz spent the New Year at home and watch fire works on t.v. yay!(",) And did our New Year traditions. Thanks for dropping by to my page

caramello koala-cat said...

arrr me hearty! how goes you? i have a cough which is tickly and its driving me insane. i want mexican. see you within the week. oh, I WANT A DATE TOO! tilney gets all the fun :(

kladara said...

happy new year
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Spud said...

Hey guys, it sounds like you all had pretty awesome nights. Its good to hear from you too.

phantom pants said...

god, post something new already. lol