Sunday, December 31, 2006

My 2006

Well unless everyone is lying to me its another year down the drain. It was a good one though so its ok. This year was full of excitement, highs, lows and people i love. It saw my life change in many different ways. I went to uni, dropped out of uni, started my career and found someone I love. I saw friends leave and come home again and I saw bands from all over the world come to my little town to make me jump around and smile. This year, even with its low lights was a good year and I hope the next one is just as intense.

To all my readers I hope you have a safe but more importantly fun new years eve and I hope this next year is one to remember for all the right reasons.

Good bye for this year. Have fun and be safe.


bestest person ever. E.V.A.H said...

phil 07 is going to be the best yet. new starts. its what it is all about, forget about the shit things that have happened to us last year, even though some of it trickled over into the early hours of this year but that is an exception. we are going to rock this year like it is going out of style...and with me around of course life is going to be fun lol. more innocent dates.

Spud said...

Sounds good to me T dog. I hopw all is well for the next year and a date sounds good to me.