Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Night of Trials and, and.... and Drama.

Its hard to make everything go to plan. Saturday night the girl and I headed to one of her close friends, sisters 18th's. It was odd for me because I didn't really know any of the people who were going to be there and its always hard to be at a birthday of a person you don't know. I know a couple of the girls friends who were there but not as well as I would have liked. It bothers me because her friends are important to me but its really hard for us to see them.

So we got to the party and it went pretty smooth, its hard trying to maintain conversation with people you have only met a few times but I did alright and it was a pretty good night in the end. I get along well with two of the guys she knows so I just chilled with them for most of the night.

After the party we headed over to Sam's house and ended up playing cricket in his backyard in the dark. It was really hard to see the ball and in the end I think I only ended up making about 7 runs.

The night was done and we were driving home when I got a call from a friend. She wasn't feeling the best so I ended up going to get her and taking her home. We had a long conversation about a few different things and it made me realise a few things about friendships and relationships. It made me realise that sometimes it only take the smallest thing to disrupt a friendship or a relationship that you thought was rock solid. It hurt me a bit because it came as a shock but I'm sure things will be fine. Its just hard when you don't see things coming.

Have fun


Sonja said...

ho ho I'm the first commenter! Thanks for visiting my blog, Phil. I have a friend who lives in the Adelaide area, somewhere called Flagstaff Hill. She and I met on the Internet and actually got to meet a few years ago. It's so nice to meet new folks. Want to link to each other's blogs?

bad friend said...

ah god u wrote about it. tomorrow will be better, i promise. love love

Cholas said...

Ahh, backyard cricket.

That's all I have to say