Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Experience

This week so far has definitely been an experience. I am working for a guy to help him build a tilt up concrete warehouse. He asked me to help him because he doesn't know much about tilt up construction. I have come to realise that he really doesn't know anything about anything. Its been a struggle because I have ended up doing most of the work. Working for my dad is good because we both know what we are doing and the job gets done without making work for each other. No matter what this other guy does I have to fix it and its almost worth me doing it all. I have always believe that I would rather work for a bastard than an idiot. Working with my dad all the time is draining because we yell at each other and he is a bit of a bastard some times but it is bliss compared to working with an idiot.

At least the money is good. Bye now.

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