Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Birthdays

This year is the year of 21st birthdays. I was born in 1986 and many of the people who I went to school with were as well so we are all turning the big 21. The birthdays have started already and I have another one coming up tomorrow night. Its weird to see all of your friends hitting such a mature age and I think it will really stir my mind up when I too turn 21. I still have a few months to go so I should be OK.

I did a lot of driving today because we have a few different jobs on the go and they are on different sides of town. It gets tedious sometimes but I like driving so it was an pretty good day.

Bye now.


Marisa C.N. said...

Hello from Brazil !!

Oh... I miss those times... :p
Enjoy cause time flies !
I now sound like an old lady LOL

jam donut lawn mower style said...

your posts are getting worse. maybe you should give up. you will never be mature, even when you turn 36. hehe its okay i still love you