Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Easy Day

Today was a bit of a let down. I worked until 7pm last night and I was soo tired when i got home. Today was the exact opposite. I couldn't get any grout from a supplier so I really didn't have anything to do. With the grout I had a big day of work to do but without it there wasn't much I could do. I puttered around at the site where we are building the warehouse and then headed back to the yard to clean some things up. All pretty easy but it was great. Today was the first easy day i have had in months so it was nice to do, well, not much for once. I will be rushed tomorrow so that sucks, lol.

Tonight we are heading to the Kentish which should be fantastic because I am starving and so in the mood for a parmy. Tomorrow night I am heading into town to see a friends band, The Lost Show play so that should be awesome too. It will be the first time I have seen them play so it will be great. If you are in Adelaide come along too.

Bye now.

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