Monday, January 29, 2007

My First Day

As I said the other day I went and saw my friend Steve's band last Thursday and they completely blew me away. I played in a band with Steve for a few years before he moved on to these bigger and better things. Its amazing to see some of our influences in their new songs and it amazing to see how much more professional they are. We were only kids though.

Friday was Australia Day. If you don't know what Australia Day stands for then go to wikipedia and look it up. I haven't got time to explain everything to you guys, geez. A long time friend of mine, Smithy, is heading up north to become a diving instructor on the reefs and so he had a large party for his going away and Australia day. It ended up with a lot of people having a good time and enjoying the day. I got very drunk but didn't get sun burnt so that was a bonus.

Saturday was very much a recovery day. It was The girl and I's 9 month anniversary so we hung out together and had a pretty good day. We have been a bit distant lately so it was good to just relax with each other. Sunday was much of the same and it was really good. We really needed the time together.

Today I started a new job. Well kind of. I was asked to work for a bloke to show him how to make tilt up panels. The money he offered me was great so I said yes. Today was my first day, we poured the first panel and I really didn't do much. I showed them some things and showed them easy ways and he was happy. I have about a months work so its gives me something to do while my parents are away. It means I wont get a Holiday but the money is fantastic so who cares.

I thought I would just put up a few photos. The first is the lost show on Thursday night. Second is the front of the warehouse we just finished. That was taken when the floors were just finished and nothing had been done inside. The third is the steel work inside before the roof was put on.

This week is flat out again. I will work six days this week and I have decided to sell my ticket to the big day out instead of going because I will make good money if I work and I really only want to see two bands. I'm not that fussed about not going because I'm not that big a fan of most of the bands.

Go and check out The lost Show because they have some great music happening. Also check out Miratone who were the support band, they were great too. Have fun.


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