Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My White While

Hmmm, its been a while hasn't it. Nearly a week.

Not all that much has happened really. Work has been ridiculous. I worked nearly 80 hours last week, with a couple of 14 hour days so i haven't really been in the mood to post. The weekend was good but short because of overwhelming tiredness. Friday night was a quiet night in due to work Saturday and Saturday night included a few games of pool at Chalkers with Sam's Scottish uncle and aunt.

My friend from Melbourne, Sessle, is in town at the moment so we went to Montezumas last night with some of her other friends and then hit Chalkers again. It doesn't get much better than Mexican and pool.

Thursday is a good day to look forward to because it is the day we poor the last panel and it means i will actually have some time off to relax or even think once and a while. I will be glad when we finish this job because it definitely has been a struggle. Its been good but its been a struggle.

More after Thursday :)

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me said...

can we talk tonite? or are you too busy being socialble? two weeks today my gooberish best friend