Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Five Months

Five months ago my friend flew away. She left her life here in Australia to live in Malaysia for five months. We chatted on the net and sent each other photos of our lives and it was ok but it was nothing like actually having my friend here. Today she came home.

I headed to the airport this morning to pick her up and I have to admit I was nervous. What if she had changed? What if it was awkward after us not seeing each other for so long? What if she was tanned?

Nothing has changed and it is the best feeling. I like it when my life changes but I hate it when people change. It has happened in the past and I have lost friend because of it but she did not change. Same girl, same personality and still pale :)

Everything is ok.


a darker shade of pale said...

my arse is pale. i think that was the best post ever. you should write about me more lol

eastcoastlife said...

Good for you that everything's ok, Spud!

Have a rewarding & happy New Year!!! See you around.