Thursday, December 21, 2006

My Sorry Sorry

I hate it when people say sorry all the time when they have nothing to be sorry about. Well I don't hate it, there are only a few things in this world that I hate, but I do dislike it.

I finally got some of my Christmas shopping done tonight. I headed over to Marion to get a haircut and bought a few things for the girl and the family. I still have a few things to go but I will hopefully get it done. Just as I left Marion the second wave of the thunderstorm that blew in today hit and it dumped a mountain of rain on my car. Thank god it wasn't hail. Its really weird to have rain this late in December but we really need it because we have been in drought.

While I was shopping around I got a craving for Hubba Bubba so i bought some, grape flavour to be exact, and it was good. I haven't had Hubba Bubba for years. Still good.

Have fun.


catrina drinks ribena said...

ahh hubba bubba.. *mouth watering* i now have a total of 5 presents to give you, two of which i think are so cool that you may only get one. don't get too excited though, this is a poor country. my head is itchy. for the next week i am going to do nothing but lie in the sun and get as brown as i possibly can. so you can cough up that 50! muh wah wah waaaah! (that was an evil laugh) so yeah i actually realised last nite that i am a little scared to come home. it was a weird feeling, i don't quite know what to expect *sigh* with HH. okay well i just wrote a friggin email here how cool am i? rock on brother. xx

Cholas said...

I actually thought Hubba Bubba was pretty disappointing. The flavour disappears so quickly. Fucking Communist gum.

Spud said...

Dont be scared to come home, it will be awesome. good email too, lol. Yea hubba bubba does lose its flavou really quickly but damn its still good.