Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Sky High

The panels are going up tomorrow so i will be finished with this god damn job for at least a week. We hired a boom lift so that we could get up to secure the panels and it extends up to 12.5 meters. I took it all the way up so that I could get some photos. I'm not a huge fan of heights so it was a bit freaky but still cool.

I seriously haven't done anything since the last post but work, come home eat and sleep. Its been ridiculous. This weekend i actually went out a bit. I was tired as shit but i needed a break. Friday night me and the girl just headed out for tea down at the bay and Saturday night I headed to a bar called the Alma to hang out with some of the girls friends. Its weird me and the girl have been going out for nearly 8 months but I don't know her friends all that well so it was good to hang out with them. A few of her guys friends are good blokes so we get along pretty well.

Today was my day off so the girl and I picked Hoggot and Layno up and headed to the Kentish for drinks for Calvins birthday. As you know we normally head to the Kentish for a parmy every couple of weeks but today i had TWO! One for lunch and then one again for tea. They were both great and now i feel terribly terribly full. It was a really good day. We got there at about 12:30 and left at about 8. It was a really long time to spend in such a small pub but it was fun. I lost money on the pokies and Hoggot, as usual won a few times.

As i said before the crane is coming at 7am tomorrow to lift the panels up. After tomorrow we have a bit of mucking around to do but that is it for a few weeks before we start pouring the floors. I'm so happy and cant wait to take some time off. I like working 6 and 7 days a week because the money is great but after working 80 hour weeks for a few months its starting to drag. Christmas is looking like it will be fun and i have a few plans for new years eve so that should be good too. More later.

Bye now.


your sexy hot best friend said...

stand on your roof and try to see me waving at you from my roof over here. actaully stand on your crane/bobcat/back hoe/tractor thingy then you will definitely see me! well maybe if i hold up a pink flag. there are no words for how excited i am to come home. lub u x

Spud said...

Did you see me? lol. I cant wait till you get back either. Should be awesome on new years.

Anonymous said...

no i was too busy spewing my arse up on the stupid fishing boat. i nearly died it was so awful.