Monday, December 25, 2006

My Three Day Holiday

So whats been going on? Well what hasn't been going on.

I finally took a few days off and ended up doing not a lot. I did spend them with the girl though which was sooo good. We headed down to my farm which is in the south of the state and it was amazing to get down there because I haven't been down there for maybe 10 months. The whole place is very dry because of the recent drought but it was still nice to be down there again. We saw plenty of possums and the family of kangaroos that live down there so it was great that the girl could see everything.

Today was Christmas and it was a pretty good day. Normally I'm not the biggest Christmas fan but this one went very smooth. The family, the girl and I woke up to open presents and then had a huge breakfast and later in the afternoon the girl and I headed to her mums house for Christmas tea.

The last week was definitely a rushed full on week so i hope this week is a bit more casual but with new years eve coming up I don't think it will be. I'm looking forward to the eve but looking forward to the new year even more.

Did I mention that I played poker on Wednesday night at my mate Kosta's house and got completely killed, lol.

Bye now!


((( cartohe ))) said...

Hi from Colombia, happy new year, interesting blog!

c to the a to the t said...

and why is news years gonna be so great? COZ IM BACK. yeah.

Rin said...

OMG, all your photos are good! You have a great eye. Wat camera do u use?

I like how u blog. U blog like you're having a conversation. It's great!