Monday, December 04, 2006

My 138

Well this is my 138th post and its a bit of an update I guess. This old thing hasn't been getting the attention it likes lately because work has been killing me. I ended up working over 70 hours last week including a 13 hour day Friday and a 14 hour day Saturday so that was tough.

The week involved me working then pretty much relaxing at home at night with the girl. Friday night I was supposed to go and see Steve and his band The Lost Show play up at Reynella but I was so tired I didn't make it. Saturday was a big day and after work I headed out to one of my oldest friends 21st. It was at his house and it was really good because it was a very different crowd of people. I saw a few people I hadn't seen in months and years and it ended up being a decent night. I beer bonged a few cans of VB which may have been the worst idea I have ever had.

During the day Sunday I pretty got out of bed and onto the couch. I watched the cricket and did not much else. I was tired from work and hung over like a bitch so it suited me fine. The girl cruised around and did things with my sister and mum but I didn't move much.

Sunday night was a night I had been looking forward to for a long time. Rise Against were in town. Me and the gang went and saw them play at Fowlers Live and damn it was a good show. I saw them last year at the Taste Of Chaos tour when it was here but damn they were good this time. The gig was outside at Fowlers which they have only ever done one other time when Alkaline Trio played there and of coarse I was there :)

The only let down this week has been that people keep offering me free tickets to the cricket (Tilney, Rhys) and I cant go because of work. I think I may have to take a day off to go to a day nighter or something like that because its so damn fun.

That's it really, have fun.


pumpkin said...

well here is my comment, as promised. i don't really have much to say apart from that you work way too much you are only 20 you bloody idiot. but then again if you work lots now, you will be able to have time off to see me more when i get back. 24 days dearest! woot. love you like a rissole xx

tils said...

i wasnt actually going to give u a ticket, i was just offering to piss u off hehehe

cattypoo said...

hehe u r a champ tils

Spud said...

No she is not, lol