Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Six Month Friends

In the last week or so I have come to the realization that there are a few people who I struggle to see once ever six months who I am very close to.

Its odd when I think about the types of relationships that I have with friends. Some people I see every day and barely take in their presence but I also have friends where I wont see them for 8 months and then the moment we start talking its as if no time has passed at all. Its weird the different ways people are important to you.

I always knew there were people who I couldn't live without and I always thought they were the people I saw every day, every week but I am now coming to realize that its the difference in people I cant live without. Whether I see them every day or not, its the difference they make on me that is important. Nothing changes, its just the way I interpret life.

Bye now


Anonymous said...

ah words from mr wisdom himself. i kno what u mean tho.

Cholas said...

Yeah man. I'm hoping that (now that I finally have my Ps), I'll be seeing you, Hoggot, Sam, Susi, Phil... wait, you are Phil, fuck, more often.

Bre said...

Oh I know thatfeeling so well. Luckily I have the type of friends who can pick things up as if there was never a pause!

cat said...

you read my mind bear.

Anonymous said...

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