Friday, August 29, 2008

My Easy Buy

The best thing about my old man is that he is never scared of spending money, especially if it is going to make work easier. The other day I was trying to cut a doorway in a wall with our Stihl brand quick cut saw. A quick cut is a big petrol powered angle grinder that we use to cut steel and concrete. Now normally it will start first time every time but for some reason I could not get it to start. I pulled the pull start until I couldn't pull it anymore and was very annoyed. With a lot of swearing I climbed down of the scaffolding I was on and tried again on the ground to get it to start. My dad had realized that I wasn't making any loud noises so came to find out what the problem was. I was very angry at this stage and was swearing at it to see if that would help. He came straight up to me and said, god its not that hard! He tried about five times to get it to start and unsuccessfully started swearing and walked off. I thought great what a huge help that was. He disappeared after that and left me to sort it out, or so I thought. I tried and tried to get it to start and finally got it to fire up. I climbed back up onto the scaffold and started cutting. It lasted about three seconds until it died again. I was royally pissed off now and climbed down and walked off.

About five minutes later my old man came back with a brand new Stihl quick cut. He didn't say anything, just handed me the saw and walked off. It started first time and I cut the doorway in about five seconds. Our old one is only a few years old and probably just needed a service but it did enough annoying to be replaced so look out for a second hand one on Ebay, lol.


Jacob said...

I love that. My dad is a builder too and this is exactly the sort of thing he'd do as well. If it can't be fixed with duct tape, he'd never be too stingy to buy a new one.

Spud said...

Yea thats like my old man if it cant be fixed with duct tape its time for a new one, haha.