Friday, August 22, 2008

My Double Take

I noticed two things musically today. The first was that Bloc Party's new single which came out recently is pretty good. Its a bit like there old stuff but a bit more dancey which I'm not really into but still liked it. On the other hand Metallica's new single which came out today is terrible. They have followed on from St Anger but have gotten even worse. The vocals are weak and the song just does not flow. Disappointed. Oh well.

Apart from music my working week has been pretty boring. I was working up at Lonsdale for three days getting a job ready and then pouring it. We were putting some concrete walls in a pit which had already been poured by another company but once we were finished we got a phone call to come back because they had stuffed up and the pit was 6 meters too short!!! It was a huge stuff up on there part so now next week we need to go back and fix it all up. It sucks cause we have to do just about the same job twice but we will get paid twice and the price we gave them just to do one wasn't cheap so its all good. Another job where we have to fix some other companies fuck up. Story of my working life these days.

I have been taking it easy lately and not going out too much so I can save some money. The girl and I are starting to seriously look for houses and what is on the market. We are still a bit away from actually buying but I am really trying to work more and save more to help get a huge deposit to start us off. If anyone wants to make a donating to my savings that would be awesome, lol. Bye now.

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