Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Snow Dome

The snow was incredible, absolutely freezingly incredible. We had a whole week of incredible weather and some good snow fall in the first couple of days that lasted until we left. The food and accommodation were so good and the people staying in our room were even better. Our room slept twelve people eight of which I knew previously and there were four other randoms. We were hoping they would be cool and they turned out to be great. It was an awesome atmosphere in out room no matter what time of the day it was. Whether drunk and ready to go out or recovering from the night before there were always laughs.

The highlights were definitely the nights we spent out dressed in stupid costumes. There was a traffic light party, green for single, yellow for undecided and red for taken. The 80's night and the Legend and loser night both went off but the highlight was the last night, The porno night. There were a lot of very average costumes but a lot of hilariously good ones as well. It was a huge night and even though our heads were heavy and sore we still made it out onto the slopes nice and early.

There were a couple of big spills on the slopes, one of which included my mate Calvin. We we boarding a couple of slopes and doing a few of the jumps when Calvin tried to pull off a backside 180. The trick involved him coming up to the jump backwards and spinning so he landed forwards. It did not go to plan and landed badly on his back. He was pretty distressed so we called for the Ski Patrol who took him down to the medical center on a spinal board and a sleigh. In the end he was fine and we got it all on camera so it will definitely make it onto the ski trip DVD.

It was such an amazing trip but the highlight would have to be the helicopter flight that the girl and I did over Mt Hotham and the surrounding mountains. We got to see everything in the area as well as spotting a whole heard of wild brumbies rolling in the snow on one of the mountain tops. It was an incredible experience.

We wont be going on a uni trip next year but I definitely think we will plan another trip to the snow. I learn't this year that buses are not made for someone who is six foot tall so next time we will either fly or drive because I had 13 hours of very uncomfortable and 13 hours back of incredibly uncomfortable. It was still an amazing trip and I can't wait to go back in the next few years. Byeeeeeeee

Photos on the Spud Photo Blog!!!!

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