Monday, August 25, 2008

My Ipod Theatre

Last night, instead of watching the closing ceremony, because it got a bit boring, the girl and I watched Juno on her Ipod and I have to say, it was a cool movie and a cool way to watch it. I had one of the original Ipod's but am just getting into the new ones with movies and games on them and they are soo cool. I want one but cant quite justify the price for how much I would use it. They are very cool though.

Here are some pictures of the job that we did that we have to go back and change. I cant believe the way some companies throw money away. Half of the walls have to be pulled out and the pit has to be made 6 meters longer because it wasn't right when we started and no one at the company noticed. Its incredible how dumb some people are. It took me two days to form the whole job up in timber and it got a bit tedious in the end. Interestingly enough it only took a few hours to pull it all down.

I heard an interesting fact last night while watching the start of the closing ceremony. China spent 40 billion dollars putting on the Olympics, 40 BILLION DOLLARS!!! that is ridiculous. They could have given every single person in the world 7 dollars. Imagine that, for many people in the western world it would be an odd payment that might pay for a snack but for many people in Africa and other third world countries that may be a months wage. We talk about how to save the planet and how to increase awareness but its hard when the cost of one event could change the lives of billions of people but instead it is wasted on fireworks in the shape of footprints. Don't get me wrong the footprint fireworks were cool but I'm sure the ceremony would have been just the same without them. Just a thought I guess. If the world was perfect we wouldn't have these problems and If I had 40 billion dollars to spend maybe I would host the Olympics, who knows?

This week is going to be crazy because work is still so flat out I barely have time to get home before I'm back at work. I think this week will be spent relaxing, apart from tomorrow night because I have a coffee appointment with the lovely Tilney which I am looking forward to because its been way too long since we have caught up.

The whether is starting to fine up a bit and today even had hints of summer and spring. The sun had a little bite to it and it was warm on my back for the first time in months. I think its summer here we come. Byes

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