Monday, May 12, 2008

My Big Day

Tomorrow is a big day for me. Tomorrow is the day of a big concrete pour that I am organizing. Its the first big pour that I am doing by myself and I am actually quite nervous.

Since my old man has been away I have had some huge responsibilities and I like it a lot but tomorrow is still a bit nerve racking. There will be four other guys working for me and a daunting 240 square meter pour which isn't huge but it is definitely big enough. There is a bit of work to be done but I put in a huge day today to get it all ready and prepared for. Hopefully everything goes well. Wish me luck in a way I guess.

Apart from work life has been pretty boring lately. The weekend consisted of playing Xbox and chilling at home. The girl and I went out Saturday night to Hannah's 21st but both felt a bit average so weren't in a party mood. It was pretty good once we got there and there were a few funny speeches so that lightened things up a little. There was a bit of a fight between our group and another group just after we left so it was bad luck we missed out on those shenanigans but oh well.

Anyhow wish me luck for tomorrow and I will post a photo of the perfect finished product. Woot.

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