Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Big Pour

Well today all in all went really well. The only hick up was the start of the day. We were all organized, the concrete pump was set up everything was ready. The first truck pulled up and started pouring concrete into the pump. The problem was, the pump was not pumping. For some reason the concrete didn't want to flow through the pump lines and kept blocking. This normally happens at the start of pours but this time it was ridiculous. We waited and waited until the second concrete truck pulled up and I started to worry. I had to ring up and stop the trucks coming because we had 10 cubic meters of concrete on site and no way to get in in the trenches. After 45 minutes they finally got the pump running smoothly and we started pumping. We went like a bat out of hell because the concrete had been sitting in the trucks for too long and we didn't want to waste any more time. We started with the strip footings around the outside of the slab and then worked our way in. Apart from that little hick up everything went well and the slab turned out perfect. I guess it is all in the planning.

I was stuffed after finishing the concrete and packing up so after heading back to the yard I swung past Becks Bakery and bought a ham and pineapple pizza slice, a potato pie with sauce, a chocolate donut and an ice coffee. It had been a long day and I hadn't eaten so at 3:30pm I had a feast. God it was good too.

Not a bad day in the end.

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