Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Xweek

Alright so I may or may not have bought an XBOX with GTA4 and I may or may not have been playing it every night this week. It may or may not be awesome too. The girl even likes it which kicks ass. We have been flat out this every night this week and work has been crazy so I have only got to play for a half hour here and there but tomorrow may be an XBOX day. Woot.

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Julie said...

nice, so you may or may not have been brain washed by your video games? lol. it's all good I'm married to a video game junkie. he's finally off of WoW but now he's onto Runescape and thought that I would really like it to and turns out so far I am hating it but it doesn't help that I was in a mood and sleepy and cranky when I started trying to play it on Sunday. Ha, Video Game junkie. :-) Glad that you are having fun with it.