Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Tired Week

This past week was absolutely crazy. Working by myself and organizing different pours and different employees took a huge toll on me and by the end of the week I was stuffed. My body was stuffed and mentally I was a blur. I made it through though and I was really successful. I did two pours and everything went perfectly. I'm relieved, but most of all proud of myself. I did well. Now its on to this week, haha. Its all fun though.

The lost show played a gig Friday night which went like a dream and they played an incredible set. It was for the End Child Slavery charity concert which was organized by the Oak Tree foundation and at the last count they got over 1000 people through the door so that was great. The lost show got some great exposure and the crowd really got into them which was awesome. We had planned to hang around after to watch Poetikool Justice but due to the week I had I was done and the girl and I headed home to bed. I was a bit disappointed in not seeing them but I was stuffed. Not so much physically but mentally.

Saturday was a weird day. I woke up and was awake for about 3 hours before I started to feel average and decided to lie down. After about 4.5 hours the girl woke me up and I was dazed. Some peeps came round that night and chilled. It was mainly a few beers and a bit of Xbox but it was awesome and it was what we needed because after about a million 21st in a row it was nice to have a weekend off.

Love ya, byes.

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