Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Start To Stop

Alright so I got back from the snow and it was all go. Work flew by this week and I really didn't even know what day it was all week. Everything was a jumble. I got to Friday and the girl and I got a chance to head down the farm so we packed and left about fifteen minutes later.

It was so good to get away crank up the wood fire and just relax for a few days. We got down there late Friday night and pretty much crashed and went to bed as soon as we got there. We were up late Saturday morning and didn't have any food so we headed into Yankalilla to buy some groceries. We bought mainly rubbish food and a paper. I paid for everything and then left the paper on the counter. We didn't realize till we got back to the farm so I headed back out and tried to buy one from the Inman Valley store but it was closed. On the way I bought some flowers from a stall on the side of the road, damn I'm a good boyfriend. We stuffed around for most of the day and then decided at about 5pm we felt like toasted marshmallows so we headed back into Yankalilla to buy some, we bought a paper again too. Saturday night we just watched movies and the footy and then went to bed pretty early. Doing nothing really takes it out of you.

Today followed the mood of the weekend, we had a late start and then slowed down. We had cocktail frankfurts for lunch, watched the footy then drove home. I let the girl drive my car home and she loved it. She thought she was pretty cool in my big orange beast. It was quite funny. I think this week will be a good week. I'm a bit more with it now that I know what day it is and whats going on.

That all for now. Bye byes.

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