Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Tilney Time

Last night I caught up with my good friend Tilney. We cooked tea at her house and talked about all the goings on of the last couple of weeks. Tilney and I started in school together and so have known each other from almost forever. We have a bit of a bond and every time we catch up its always good. We have our chats and talk about everything thats going with our friends and lives. Its always good to see her and we really don't catch up enough but its hard because we are both as busy as each other. Last night was cool. We made an awesome pasta sauce using taco meat and then decided to head on down to the bay to get some ice cream.

We had just walked out the door when Ashley, a friend of ours jumped out of her car and scared the crap out of both of us. Ashley had experienced some drama's a bit earlier and was in need of a cheer up so we dragged her along too. The ice cream was awesome and we laughed a fair bit so I think we made Ashley feel better. I had a good time too.

After tea, chatting and ice cream I headed to the girls house. When I got there I learnt that her water had been shut off. Apparently a pipe had burst in a unit two doors down and so everyone's water had to be shut off until they fixed it in the morning. It was really weird not having any water but we got by.

This morning I got up and just had enough water to make my morning coffee and I was away. The day was going ok until I got squirted by a fire hose. My whole back and the back of my legs was drenched so I was not very happy. It wasn't too cold today so I didn't suffer too much but it still sucked. After that the day picked up again and everything was cool.


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