Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Terrific Transformers

Last week was pretty average at work because of the weather. It rained on and off and there were gale force winds which made it almost unbearable at times. Its weird to say but I'm almost sick of the cold. I normally love the cold weather because I'm always hot. Summer normally bothers me because I get too hot and cant sleep but this winter hasn't been all that nice.

Friday night everyone and I headed on down to Montezuma's for Mexican. It was weird because for the first time ever we had to wait for ages for our food and it wasn't quite as good as usual. The restaurant was packed and they were flat out so I guess I will let them off this time. Hopefully it is back to normal next time we head down there. The best quote from Mexican night came from Hoggot he stated "Family can be fickle but food will never judge you". We all laughed and then kind of agreed with him.

After the Mexican we met up with a few people down at the Dublin Pub for a few drinks. As usual for me a few drinks turned into a lot and I got pretty drunk. It was a god night in the end. We had a few at the Dublin and then headed over to the Backpackers Hostel Bar to have a few more drinks. It was a good night because there were a few people there who I hadn't seen for a long time and another person that I have lost touch with. I spoke to an old friend of mine Friday night and It brought back a lot of memories of a friendship I once had. A friendship I no longer have. It bothers me that we don't see eye to eye any more but after speaking the other night I don't think there are any hostile feelings. I do miss that friendship but I don't think is much to save it these days.

Saturday started slowly because I felt pretty terrible. The girl and I headed to Marion to do some shopping and I rented some snow gear. Oh yea, by the way I'm off to the snow in a week. It was a bit of a spur of the moment thing but I leave next Sunday to head up to the snow. I have been to the snow before with my parents but it was years ago. This time its going to be a bit of a blokes trip so that will be awesome. I cant wait and I have almost organized all of my gear.

Saturday night was going to be hectic. The girl and I had three 21st's to go to, a 20th and a going away. We did pretty well and made it to all of them but the going away. The first 21st we went to I didn't know anyone but ended up seeing a girl I went to school with. We never really talked at school but it was still good to catch up and see what she was up to these days. After that we headed down to the Bay for Elyse's 20th which we only stopped by quickly. It was still good to see her and the girls because it's been a while and we used to be quite close. It was then on to another of the girls friends who was turning 21. I knew a few people at this one and it was a bit of a laugh. It was my turn for a 21st and we headed to meet Rhys and the gang at Elektric Circus. The only problem was that it was 12:30amand the line up was huge. We couldn't get in through the VIP line because that was huge to so we ended up just heading home. I felt terrible because I couldn't hang out with Rhys and have a few beers but there wasn't much that we could do. The girl and I headed home and crashed pretty quickly.

Today was going to be a good day no matter what. We had spoken about going to see the new Transformers movie Friday night and I organized a few people to come see it with us today. In the end half the people were either too tired, too hung over or still drunk so it ended up being the girl, Layno and myself. It didn't matter though because we were seeing Transformers. It was incredible. I cannot speak highly enough of this movie and if you haven't seen it then go see it because it blew us away. Even if you know nothing about the old Transformer cartoons you will still love this movie. The special effects were absolutely incredible and the story line never slowed down. It was very easy to follow but wasn't too dumbed down. The best part of the movie apart from it being incredibly insane was the fact that it lead onto a second movie. Should be awesome.

All in all it was a good weekend. This week is going to be crazy but also slow because I can't wait to head off to the snow. I already have a million things to do this week so there will be more typing about that soon. Bye now.

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JaG said...

Blogger ate my comment!! I said I hope I get to see Transformers before I leave. I loved the cartoon and my brother had all the action figures.