Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Snow Go

I leave for the snow tomorrow and I really haven't packed anything. I should get around to that but at the moment I'm here. This week has been pretty good. I haven't really been that busy but I've seen people and haven't spent that much money so thats a good thing.

Thursday night I stopped in at Cat's house to make Mexican. I bought the wraps and she bought the chicken. It was the first time we had made enchiladas and they were damn good. We chilled out and watched TV and then had a good chat as usual. It was a really good night and I even got to know her new short term room mate.

This weekend has been pretty quiet because I'm trying to not spend any money before I head up to the snow. Today the girl and I just cruised around organizing all my gear, food and of coarse alcohol. I'm actually quite excited and I think it will be an awesome week. I will take a heap of photos and post them up on here when I get back. Well bye for now, be back next weekend.

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