Saturday, November 04, 2006

My... Urgh

I'm stuffed. The last few days at work have been long and tough. I worked 13 hours yesterday and today I feel like I'm going to die. Its weird how much one day of work can take it out of you. I can barely lift my arms.

On a lighter note I ate 4 KFC Zinger burgers last night and it was good. Tonight people are heading over to mine because the rest of my family have gone down to my shack for the weekend. We will kick it here before probably heading down to the bay for a few drinks. woooord.

Bye now.


cat courageous said...

4! piggy. i am craving a twister so bad right now

tils said...

you neglected to mention the romantic gelati we shared on the jetty gay friend...cut! haha

Spud said...

hehehe next post my almost girlfriend.